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The rollercoaster ride you don’t want to be on 🎢🎢

Up. Down. Up. Down. Down. Up. Down. Further down….

Have you ever been here before?

Something sparked you to set a new fitness goal that you were REALLY excited about.

Maybe you:

– stepped on the scale after the holidays

– had a big event coming up (reunion, wedding, vacation, etc.)

– were unhappy with the results from your latest doctor’s visit

– watched an inspiring movie … or were wowed by someone else’s transformation

– or even had some kind of wake-up call

So you committed to clean up your eating, start exercising, and/or make some BIG CHANGES when it comes to your self-care.

And then you go at it … HARD!

And things are going great.

But then something unexpected pops on your schedule …. or you eat a little “off your plan” … or you skip a workout ….

And that one miss turns into another, and another, and another.

And before you know it, you’re completely off track and upset at yourself.

A few weeks or months (or even years) go by, until the next time you find yourself back on that very same rollercoaster ride.

It can be a really painful and frustrating cycle to get stuck in.

But, I do have some really good news.

It makes perfect sense that you kept falling off track … because it’s almost impossible for ANYONE to keep up that level of intensity and still live a normal life!

Don’t get me wrong: Having a new fitness goal is FANTASTIC … and healthy!

BUT it’s even BETTER to find a way to work on your goals that won’t drain as much time and energy from your everyday life.

In a way that sets you up for success, rather than sure failure.

PLUS, there’s a bonus: when you find a happy middle ground, you won’t find yourself on that confidence-sucking rollercoaster ride anymore.

That’s because you’ll actually be able to maintain all the results you’ve earned. (YES!!)

Finding this sustainable middle ground is key to your success … and something we actively work on with our clients. It IS possible to achieve amazing results without disrupting your entire routine, and it’s what we specialize in.

If you’re ready to jump off that rollercoaster for the last time, we suggest hiring a coach or personal trainer to keep you on track, avoid the pit falls and keep focus. And if you have a personal trainer or coach, express your goals and obstacles and self truths (what you are not good at) and make a plan. 

It’s a tremendous ROI.

Committed to your health,

Jack and Team 360 Fitness

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