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PERSONAL TRAININGChoose a premier weight loss specialist for 100% personal training attention that gives you the best results. You'll stay focused, on track and motivated with our 1-1 Sherwood Park personal training programme. We're focussed on getting results you never thought possible.

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100% guaranteed results, or your money back!

Guaranteed Results

In each and every session, you’ll be personally led and trained by a certified personal trainer who will effectively, efficiently and safely put you through the most effective workouts for you.

Alongside your workouts you’ll learn proper fitness values, exercise techniques and valuable nutritional knowledge. 

We’re so confident of your success that our personal training is backed up by our no hassle 30 day money back guarantee.

Why choose 1-1 personal training?

Why Choose 1-1 Training?

Private one-on-one personal training means everything is about you. The atmosphere and individual attention makes our goal simple—to help you reach yours.

We’re totally dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Our personal training in Sherwood Park gives you expert guidance and a program designed specifically for you.

No busy times, no waiting for equipment, a completely private and comfortable studio means you have the perfect environment to reach your targets.

Meet Don Keber*

Before I came to 360 Fitness, people kept on reminding me that I was a few pounds heavier than I should have been. Since I was at 360 Fitness, the first month I think I had a 16 pound weight loss. I’m off the medication for the cholesterol and the celebrex for my knee. It’s been life changing. The best part about 360 Fitness training for me is how the coaches push me.

I’ve worked with several trainers so far and everyone has been awesome. I urge people to come, you will be sold on it. 360 Fitness are awesome.

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Don Keber

Benefits of Personal Training


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