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About 360 Fitness is Sherwood Park's #1 Choice for Personal Training and Weight Loss.

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We love helping our clients feel good in their own skin.

We love our jobs

We love helping our clients take on new challenges.

We love helping our clients fit into their favorite jeans again.

And we love seeing the faces on our clients when they do something that once was “impossible”.

Our gym and team are different. Our gym is centered around one thing and one thing only…you! We work with our clients on all levels (fitness, nutrition, goal planning, lifestyle coaching and more) to help them achieve their goals inside and outside the gym. Everything we do is based on getting our clients the best results possible in the shortest amount of time possible but while being safe, efficient and having fun.

We get Real People, Real Results!

Experience and knowldege

Our team is incredibly educated and has tons of experience. Our standards of excellence are unlike any other gym out there. We demand the best because we are the best at what we do. Our team must have post-secondary education in our field, multiple certifications, CPR, First Aid and must complete yearly refresher continuing education credits and courses.

We don’t stop there though.

Every team member, regardless of education level, must complete our very own in-house Trainer Curriculum Series which comprises of an Initial 4 Week Intensive Course on 360 Fitness culture, philosophy, programming, nutrition and more. Second, they must complete our Secondary 12 Week Super Trainer Series that rivals most national level certifications. This one is centered around advanced exercise, nutrition and coaching techniques.

Meet Cathy*

I truly would not be where I am today without coming to 360 fitness. It’s possible to have success and its possible to change. Before I came to 360 I had high blood pressure and a really bad family history of cardiac disease and I started to really worry about that was going to be my fate. I wanted something different for myself.

Within 12 months of starting at 360 I was off blood pressure medication, 11 months and a few days I had lost a 101 pounds. Walking through that door was probably the hardest but best decision of my life.

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Meet Cathy

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