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Real Results Podcast Ep. 14 – Client Spotlight: Anna C

The Real Results Podcast is back for 2020 in a big way! We are happy to launch our first ever Client Spotlight episode. For our inaugural episode we chat with Anna C, who has been a 360 Fitness Client for the last year and a half. We talk about how she started, the results she’s […]

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Real Results Podcast Ep. 12 – Fitness Documentaries

Have you ever watched a documentary that made you question your lifestyle? Good! Because today on Episode 12 of the Real Results Podcast we talk about why it’s a good idea to keep an open mind, but also have a bit of a critical thinking cap on while watching documentaries, particularly when it comes to […]

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A Little Goes a LONG Way

A Little Goes a Long Way – The 5% Rule   Make it your goal to lose just five percent of your total body fat to reap big health rewards.   You may have an ultimate goal of losing 20, 50, or even 100 pounds… and wow that might seem scary!   But did you […]

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