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Why the Scale Sucks So Much

{{{ Why does the scale suck so much? }}}   We see it here at 360 Fitness all the time. Someone has just joined us or is coming in for a reassessment and there’s the dreaded look when we ask them to step on the scale. For so many people, that number has determined their […]

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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow – Sherwood Park Personal Trainer Explains Fad Diets

What do bell-bottoms, Slinky’s, Beanie Babies, and skinny jeans all have in common? They’re all fads.   Just like certain clothes are in style one year and out the next, diet trends come and go as well. Fad diets promise quick fixes and dramatic results through restrictive diet plans that appeal to people’s hunger for […]

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Healthy Eating, Version 2.0 – Sherwood Park Personal Trainer Tells All

Wish you ate healthily like you used to? Here’s how to get back on track.   Are you on the roller coaster of healthy eating? For years you ate a healthy, balanced diet, but for whatever reason your eating habits took a turn for the worse and you haven’t been able to get back on […]

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