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Healthy Eating, Version 2.0 – Sherwood Park Personal Trainer Tells All

Wish you ate healthily like you used to? Here’s how to get back on track.   Are you on the roller coaster of healthy eating? For years you ate a healthy, balanced diet, but for whatever reason your eating habits took a turn for the worse and you haven’t been able to get back on […]

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Decoding Nutrition Labels – Sherwood Park Personal Trainer Explains

Knowing how to read nutrition labels can improve your health and help you lose weight.   When you shop for your groceries, why do you choose the foods you do? As you take food off the shelf and place it in your cart, what goes through your mind? Is the price right, does the picture […]

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What’s Holding You Back? – Sherwood Park Personal Trainer Explains

It’s a common complaint and one of the main reasons people give up on exercise: a lack of results. And who can blame them? No one wants to pour their heart and soul into a workout routine that doesn’t live up to its promises. Television, magazines, and the Internet are full of weight loss advice […]

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