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Real Results Podcast Ep. 41 – If We Could Go Back… With Jack Wheeler & Coach Mike

We had fun with this one on the Real Results Podcast! Jack and Mike joined Rich once again to chat fitness. This time we took a look back at our younger selves. What would we change? What would we focus on? How would our training approach change? We go into all this and more! Don’t […]

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Real Results Podcast Ep. 33 – Client Spotlight: Shannon P

Another great client spotlight today as Shannon P joins us on the Real Results Podcast Shannon started with 360 Fitness doing our 6-week program, and despite the cover closure, continued to progress and move forward. She has a great insight on not just weight loss, but finding other things to keep us motivated in the […]

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You already know exactly what you need to do

💡You already know exactly what to do! 💡 ⭐ That is the finding of a fascinating new study that came out earlier this year from the website 🔥They studied more than 500 people who wanted to create healthy habits. As part of their research, they actually ran 5 different studies and analyzed more than […]

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