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You already know exactly what you need to do

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💡You already know exactly what to do! 💡

⭐ That is the finding of a fascinating new study that came out earlier this year from the website

🔥They studied more than 500 people who wanted to create healthy habits. As part of their research, they actually ran 5 different studies and analyzed more than 1,000 follow-up surveys. And they found 1 habit formation technique that OUTPERFORMED all the others.

🏆The winner: HABIT REFLECTION … and it’s something you can do right now! If you’re trying to create a habit (like working out, eating a healthier diet, etc.), here’s how Habit Reflection works.

✅First: Pick a situation from the past where you had success in changing a habit or behavior.

Example: maybe when you were in school, you decided to bring up your grades. Or at work, you went for a new job or promotion.

✅Second: Write down what you learned from that past situation.

How did you do it? Were there any tactics or motivations that helped drive you forward? What specifics can you remember.

✅Lastly: Create a plan that applies your past lessons to your new habit or goal.

Following that process helped push study participants an average of 0.7 more times a week than other techniques. ‼

That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s actually a 140% improvement over the second-most-effective technique. 🤗

Plus, the people in the study reported more satisfaction with the process than other groups!

✌🥇So … what achievement in the past can you reflect on to find strategies and ideas to help power you through your next goal?

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