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360 Fitness Podcast Welcome to the 360 Fitness Podcast! We are very excited to get this project underway to give both our clients and the population at large more knowledge when it comes to their health and wellness! We are passionate about helping clients reach and exceed their goals, so we will be covering a number of different topics including the latest fades, debunking myths, getting to know more about our staff and most importantly, educating. We will be looking at a number of different formats, duration’s and styles to find what works best for you! With that being said, we want to interact with you, the listener, and hear what YOU want us to cover. If you have questions, if you’ve been struggling or if you just have a general interest in a specific area, let us know and we will cover it! So comment below, share this with your friends and put on your freaking seat belt ladies and gents because we are gonna take you on a Fitness Ride!

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Real Results Podcast Ep. 42 – Holiday 2020

Rich is riding solo for this one today to wish you all a very happy holiday season and a very Merry Christmas! Gratitude is on the forefront for today’s quick and easy listen As always don’t forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast provider, share with a friend and leave a review! For The Free […]

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Real Results Podcast Ep. 41 – If We Could Go Back… With Jack Wheeler & Coach Mike

We had fun with this one on the Real Results Podcast! Jack and Mike joined Rich once again to chat fitness. This time we took a look back at our younger selves. What would we change? What would we focus on? How would our training approach change? We go into all this and more! Don’t […]

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Real Results Ep. 40 – Adapted Fitness with Coach Sam

Coach Sam joins us for a topic near and dear to her heart, Adapted Fitness! What is Adapted Fitness? Why is it so important for us to think of? and how can we make a difference today? Well tune into our podcast today and learn more!   To Donate to the 360 Fitness Movember Team […]

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