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Real Results Podcast Ep. 35 – Unexpected Struggles w/Coach Mike

Coach Mike is back on the Real Results Podcast and we are spitballing about some of the unexpected struggles we may find ourselves in as we get going into our fitness journey. We aren’t talking about the obvious ones today we are touching on 3 issues we’ve found comes up along most journeys. Take a […]

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Real Results Ep. 34 – Popular Diets Pro’s & Con’s w/Jack Wheeler

Jack is back on the Real Results Podcast, so you know we are going to be chatting up a storm! We got on a roll today talking about the Pro’s and Con’s of some popular diets out there, we talk about Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Paleo and more! There are some big benefits to all of […]

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The #1 problem with diets

The #1 problem with diets – most of which are restrictive or eliminate entire food groups – is that they are reliant on one thing. YOUR WILLPOWER. And the thing about willpower is that it’s very, very finite. Willpower may serve you for weeks or even months, but eventually it fails. Every. Single. Time. Have […]

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