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The clockwork busy myth

The Clockwork BUSY Myth…. A little while ago I made a post about finishing the year STRONG. It’s really important because there’s something that happens this time of year – it’s like clockwork. During the holidays, a surprising number of people say they are “too busy” to workout and stick to their routines. I wanted […]

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Real Results Podcast Ep. 38 – Trainer Spotlight: Coach Sam Chaput

Welcome to the podcast Coach Sam Chaput! Sam is new to 360 Fitness but an amazing young lady with a wealth of knowledge and passion! Today we spotlight how Sam got into the fitness industry, what her passions are and where she sees herself going. Take a listen on your favorite podcast provider, hit that […]

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This mindset tip is a make or break for your results

💡There’s one powerful predictor of success when it comes to seeing a project, habit, or goal through to the end … 🔥 💹 … it’s a GROWTH MINDSET. 🤔 It’s having the BELIEF that you are capable of learning new skills, achieving great goals, developing new habits, or doing whatever you set your mind to. […]

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